Eduardo Cury

900 Biscayne Blvd

Suite 1002B

Miami FL 33132 USA

Phone: 1-305-3072378

Cell: +1(305) 307-2378

Eduardo Cury is an entrepreneur who grew up around the ocean in Brazil. As a young teen, he inherited the passion for boats, cars and aircrafts. from his dad, who was an expert in the auto industry. In 2002, Eduardo moved to the US and in 2004 he purchased his first yacht. Along his passion his determination to become an expert in the maritime industry, Eduardo oversaw the entire rebuilt the yacht. This experience led him into the yacht business, having the advantage of Miami Beach being the capital of the boating industry.

In 2010, Cury's Group was born with Miami Yacht Access (New, Brokerage Yacht Sales) and MOA Marine Center ( a professional boat storage and repair company). Eduardo quickly promoted his listings throughout the city and the word spread quickly of Eduardo's spark)

Eduardo with his many accomplishments is today a renowned and experienced yacht professional, a leader of the yachting industry, featured by Ferretti Group, Forbes, among others. He offers comprehensive knowledge and brokerage advice to buyers and sellers. In the past 10 years he had built over 1,500 brokerage and megayachts new builds. 

 Today Miami Yacht Access is the global reference for all yachting business, specialized in luxury new and used yacht sales, charters and services.