Bella Walker

Waterford Harbor Marina

800 Mariners Drive

Pier 6/7

Kemah TX 77565 USA

Phone: 1-281-334-6500

Cell: 832-455-3338

I am Captain Bella Walker, an experienced sailor and a licensed 100 ton captain. I’ve spent the majority of my life on the water, from my childhood days of sailing the Bahamas on a CT56 sailboat with my family, to embarking on a semi-solo adventure sailing my own 37ft sailboat from Kemah, TX to Sarasota, FL and back: A true test of my skill and determination.


Florida and my boat were my home for two years, where I honed my craft amid its diverse waters. I've also served as a charter captain in both Clear Lake, Texas and Sarasota, Florida. I enjoy helping people explore the beauty of the lifestyle on the water, whether it’s just weekend boating or full-time cruising.

From calm days to storms faced, the sea has been my teacher, imparting respect, adaptability and a love for conservation. My goal is to listen to your wants and needs, find the boat best suited to fit your lifestyle and help turn your dreams into reality.