Hargrave Custom Yachts

Hargrave Custom Yachts

1887 West State Road 84  

Fort Lauderdale FL 33315






Our company was founded by Jack Hargrave in 1957 in Palm Beach, Florida. In addition to being a Hall of Fame yacht designer best know for is work with companies like Burger and Hatteras yachts, Jack Hargrave was also a highly successful yacht broker as was his father before him.

If you are not familiar with our company, Hargrave Yachts is one of the oldest and most respected yacht brokerage firms in the State of Florida. In addition to being a full-service yacht brokerage organization we maintain an in-house service department that our customers really appreciate.

Starting in 1997 we began building yachts under the Hargrave brand name in the 65’-190’ size range, and we jokingly remind our brokerage clients, "If we can't find the right boat for you we'll build it!"