Kent Hill

12030 Gandy Blvd N.

St. Petersburg FL 33702 USA

Cell: 1-954-401-8148

Kent has been a broker in South Florida for over 40 years. He loves all the offerings which include, great people, great boats and a field that is ever changing and challenging.

Kent started out on Long Island Sound, sailing and racing in many different one design classes in addition to participating in many of the Club cruises. By the age of 21, he had sailed and raced in 14 countries in everything from International One Design to several of the mid-size CCA boats, and even iceboats and frostbite dinghies. After ten years of sailing out of the Rochester Yacht Club on Lake Ontario, Kent Moved to Coconut Grove and went to work as a yacht Broker for Fred Driver. He ultimately was with Richard Bertram and Company for 20 years. After that he was with Bollman Yachts for 15 years, moving to Galati in May, 2014. Being a Broker for all this time has been a great pleasure, enjoying every minute of the ups and downs, and the incredible changes in the designs, the equipment, the many, many new ways for people to have fun on, in, and under the water.

Being with Galati Yachts is an exciting new adventure.