Kim Manning

1490 5th Avenue South

Suite 104

Naples FL 34102 USA

Phone: (239) 329-9067

Cell: (954) 401-0732

Capt Kim is a Florida native from North Palm Beach, Florida. He's been fishing his whole life and started angling in the Bahamas at just 17 years old. He refrained from his chance to study marine biology at the University of Miami and instead decided the study of the ocean was not enough, but to be on it as much as possible was a must. He obtained his first Captain's license at only 23 years old.


Kim's slate of tournament victories is truly amazing, with multiple top finishes from the Bahamas to St Thomas and Venezuela and on to Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas in the Pacific Ocean. Kim still actively fishes both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

During his sportfishing career, Kim has almost exclusively worked and traveled only on boats that have fished internationally, as he has always been intrigued about making new friends, living in and experiencing the different cultures within the industry. With this, his knowledge of boating and fishing has become truly extensive.

Kim is always open to sharing his 33 years of experience and extensive knowledge of boats, travel, and fishing with his vast network of relationships he has built during his new career in yacht brokerage.