Jay Dee Jackson

1200 Marina Bay Dr.

Kemah TX 77565 USA

Phone: (409) 407-5470

Cell: 1-941-720-5081

Growing up in the family business, Jay Dee Jackson, Jr. has been a proud member of Galati Yacht Sales for many years. Jay Dee is the son of Fran Galati.

Beginning his journey with the company by helping in the boat yard and has since participated in many boat shows throughout the world, he has been an angler in many fishing tournaments, hosted rendezvous’ and has experience in various Galati locations and departments. He has also trained at many of the manufacturer facilities represented by Galati throughout the world, including, Maritimo in Australia, Viking in New Jersey, Prestige in France, and Cruisers in Wisconsin. 

He is passionate about the yachting world and aside from his brokerage license, he is a Coast Guard licensed captain. Jay Dee is a graduate of the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss), where he graduated with honors with a degree in Business Management and also studied at Florida State University achieving certification as a sales trainer. He is also certified from the prestigious Dale Carnegie training course and has completed and is a graduate of the Yacht Brokers Institute.

Jay Dee is extremely hardworking and diligent in all that he does. He is eager and willing to help with his customers boating needs and desires to consistently exceed all of their expectations. He is determined to ensure that Galati customers have the utmost excellence and satisfaction in their yachting experience, from buying to selling to simply enjoying.

Jay Dee appreciates spending time with his family, hunting, fishing and traveling the world. He is proud to be in his family’s business to watch it grow and succeed.