Robert Thuss

68 1st Ave

Suite A

Atlantic HIghlands New Jersey 07716

Robert brings a client-first outlook and a consultative approach to yacht brokerage after a 30+ year career in corporate real estate. Working with Kevin McGettigan in the NY/NJ regional office, Robert is a long-time resident of the Bayshore area and a member of Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club.

Robert’s boating experience spans both sailing and powerboating. A former sailing instructor and professional yacht captain, he has owned, chartered, or delivered dozens of sailing and motor yachts. He captained two Newport-Bermuda Races (with return trips) on his own 42-foot sailboat and served as Navigator for a third NBR Race. He has owned several powerboats, which can help with buying or selling. He has knowledge about boats, systems, and equipment gained over 40+ years of experience, and this helps sellers and buyers with pricing and value evaluations. Robert applies his experience to help clients market their boat effectively or find the right boat at the right price.

His education includes a BSc in Business from Vanderbilt University and a graduate degree from Thunderbird. He holds a US Coast Guard 50-Ton Master Captain’s License with Sailing Endorsement. In his free time, he and his wife enjoy sailing, scuba diving, snow skiing and traveling.

Robert looks forward to getting on the water with you and sharing his passion for boating.