Scott Lacroix

1535 SE 17th Street

Suite 119

Fort Lauderdale FL 33316 USA

Phone: 1-954-763-3971

Toll Free: 1-800-578-3036

Cell: 1-305-951-3648

Scott worked his way through the ranks from deckhand to captain, learning from some of the most respected professionals in the business. Having spent several years as a captain on smaller yachts, he has retained comprehensive knowledge of the work and dedication it takes to own and manage a successful yacht of any size. Scott's passion for yacht design, purpose, and function helps him stay attuned to the latest and greatest options available on the yacht market today, and his experience gives him great knowledge of the classic style and designs of the past. Scott always strives to do the best job possible. When he is not working, Scott enjoys Cooking, flying his drone, playing golf, and photography.