Richard Bale


Cell: 34 610 42 87 24

Originally from Devon in England, I began working on motor yachts in 1977 after completing a mechanical engineering apprenticeship. I have cruised up to 60° north, spending a summer in Norway cruising the fjords, and before that I worked for the Qatari royal family in the Arabian Gulf. For the last 25 years I have been based in Spain, cruising all over the Mediterranean and further afield. I spent many summers in Ibiza with a very busy 40 knot Baglietto and enjoyed the thrills of cruising from Ibiza to Marbella in 11 hours, at an average speed of 36 knots. Having worked on refits and several new constructions in Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, the USA and Taiwan, I enjoy the challenge of helping owners, designers and the shipyard to create the desired finished yacht. Over the years I have often worked for clients of AYS and have always been impressed with the service provided, which goes far beyond buying and selling yachts. I am very happy to have the opportunity to represent the company here in Spain and look forward to continuing the AYS tradition of offering clients a thoroughly reliable service.