Greg Williamson

3 Lockwood Drive

Suite 302B

Charleston SC 29401 USA

Phone: 1-843-577-7222

Cell: 1-843-801-3343

From an early age, Greg's father taught him the value of a dollar earned from hard work and shared with him the joys of a life on the water. These two things would form the framework for Greg’s life.

After graduating from NC State with a BA in Communications concentrating in mass media, Greg satisfied a bit of pent-up wanderlust. He lived in different coastal areas of the United States from San Diego to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, surfing, sailing, and working fulfilling yet obligatory jobs in his field of study before defiantly choosing to stick with his love of boating as his life’s work.

Greg muses that he is “joyfully unemployable in any other endeavors”, and he works hard every day to help buyers and sellers make the right decisions. Part broker, part counselor, he finds fulfillment in a very demanding work ethic that requires constant attention to the needs of clients as they make changes to their life and lifestyle, moving in or out of boating or making changes to their choices within their boating life. Whether it’s the clean slate of a new build or the acquisition of the perfect pre-owned boat, Greg revels in the excitement and participates joyfully in the range of emotions that are the buying and selling of the single most worthwhile pursuit in this life: boats.

He holds a USCG 100 Ton Master Captain’s license, a Florida Yacht Broker’s license, and he is a Certified Professional Yacht Broker and member of the Yacht Broker’s Association of America. As an owner of both power and sailboats, he can be found quite often on the waters of Charleston Harbor and beyond.