Rudy Garcia

1995 NW 11th Street

Miami FL 33125 USA

Phone: 1-305-858-9700

Cell: 1-787-510-6100

Rudy has been an avid boater since a very young age, with the waters of the Caribbean providing him the perfect background for developing his passion for boating. This passion has allowed him to participate in various activities such as offshore racing, pleasure cruising, moderate to extensive refits, consulting, and sales – all of which would provide him with an excellent background and experience for what would later on turn out to be a magnificent and exciting career shift. In 2008, Rudy sold his business and has become a very dedicated sales professional, or as he better describes himself, “ a sincere and honest advisor, consultant, and most importantly a friend and person of trust”. Rudy has worked for The Ferretti Group at Allied Richard Bertram and later with Yacht Advisors. In 2014, Rudy became a founding partner of Apex Marine Sales, LLC which was named the exclusive Tiara dealer for Miami-Dade County and the Florida Keys. At the 2016 dealer meeting, Rudy was honored as the number two Tiara salesman world-wide.