Arne M Reistad III

326 First Street

Suite 405

Annapolis MD 21403 USA

Phone: 1-410-268-4100

Cell: 717-250-2915

A lifelong boater and liveaboard, Arne is eager to share his expertise and energy with you. When he is not out on boats, Arne travels and shares videos with his followers.

While crossing the street at the Miami Boat Show, Arne encountered a cute little dog “directing traffic.” After he helped her to the sidewalk, Arne met the owner who confessed that he could not look after her, and offered Arne the dog. A few days and a one-way rental car later, “Chi Chi” was getting used to the weather in Annapolis, where she would become the Sailyard mascot!

Whether his clients are buying or selling a sailboat or powerboat, Arne's aim is to provide good service. He loves helping clients and sharing about the enjoyment of boating.