Jake Buffaline

Cell: 941-718-3590

Jake was born and raised on the water in Sarasota, Florida. He hopped straight out of the womb and onto a boat, where he spent his childhood on the Gulf of Mexico waters either fishing, diving or spending time exploring the many islands and sandbars with his family.

Jake attended Florida Atlantic University where he was surrounded by the ocean once again, and procured his Bachelor in Business of Administration – Focused in Marketing. While at University, Jake started his own commercial scuba diving business and acquired extensive knowledge of the yachting industry while providing dive services to South Florida’s most luxurious super yachts.

In his free time Jake enjoys traveling to salty beachside locations to dive and surf. Jake’s recent trips have been to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Costa Rica. He hopes to continue to explore new places around the globe.

Upon graduation, Jake joined with 26 North Yachts to further provide yacht owners with the utmost satisfaction while utilizing his developed skills. Whether Jake is selling a vessel or helping a new client find his dream boat, Jake’s marketing tactics, extensive market knowledge and negotiation skills provide clients with a frictionless transaction.