Chet Pawlowicz

Chet Pawlowicz

326 First Street Suite 35 
Annapolis MD 21403

Phone: +1 410.268.1086

Cell: +1 443.994.8093

Chet’s boating experience began more than thirty years ago on the Great Lakes. His profession as a school teacher allowed him plenty of time in the summer to race and cruise sailboats. In the fall of 1980, rather than returning to the classroom, he just kept on sailing, eventually ending up in Annapolis where he chose to stay. He immediately started a yacht refurbishing business which gave him an excellent knowledge base in yacht construction and repair. In 1982 he became a broker with Martin Bird & Associates and was immediately successful. He and a partner bought the business in 1988 and in 2004 Chet became the sole owner. Chet enjoys sailing and power boating on the Chesapeake Bay. Over the years he has assisted hundreds of people in the purchase or sale of their boats. “Buying or selling a boat is a major transaction,” notes Chet. “Our expertise and hard-working approach will make that transaction an easy and pleasant experience for you.”