Brett Ostrow

Brett Ostrow
Professional Yacht Broker

110 SW Atlanta Avenue  
Stuart FL 34994

Phone: 954-258-2700

Cell: 954-258-2700

Brett was born and raised in New Jersey. He has always had a particular interest in anything with an engine. It began with a passion for automobiles and transitioned into boats and the world of Maritime. Brett and his family often spent summers traveling the east coast. They would visit different coastal waterfronts and enjoyable beach destinations. Throughout his schooling, he gravitated towards and participated in various marine science and recreational marine programs such as the marine biology exploration program, boating safety, and the oceanographic odyssey course. These courses provided hands-on experiences inside and outside the classroom with boating, fishing and even raising other fish in a lab environment. The high school owned a sport fish vessel. We experienced many field trips which allowed access to the sea from the Hudson River Area. It was upon these trips, visits, and experiences on the water that he would begin to develop his love and passion for a maritime career that would come into play later in life.

After high school, Brett moved to Florida to begin college studies in business and communication. Upon graduation, he relocated to Indiana for work and entered the professional workforce as a sales broker for a mid-western regional sales team within the grocery and convenience classes of trade. There was extensive sales training involving diverse product representation for over 150 manufacturers. He began to learn the skills to become a successful broker including multitasking lines of products, traveling, and presenting to customers across the state to increase product distribution.

In addition to working as a sales broker, he opened an independent auto dealership. After a few more years in Indiana, he realized that the warm weather and water were what he and his family wanted in their futures, and it was time to make another transition to Florida. He resigned from his broker position, sold his house, and made his way down to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Once settled in Fort Lauderdale, he transferred his business to Florida and continued buying and selling automobiles. Living in Florida allowed him so many more opportunities to work and enjoy life. He began selling and learning about boats and yachts. He was introduced in-depth to the Maritime industry in South Florida by a fellow Captain friend he met shortly after arriving. He began working part-time as a Mate while learning about all the many things pertinent to marine life. Working on a variety of vessels large and small, he immediately knew this was the direction he wanted to go and continued to log hours until he earned his U.S. Coast Guard 100 Ton Master Captain’s License. 

Captain Brett continues to follow his passion of spending as much time working and living on the water. His diverse skill set, and unique background make him an excellent choice for assisting you with buying or selling your next vessel. His attention to detail and warm energy is sure to please. Brett is also the owner of a yacht management company to further assist his client’s needs. Brett believes in always standing behind his word, he is known for long-term high-quality relationships based on trust and loyalty. Brett has joined United Yacht Sales allowing an even stronger connection to the industry; some might call it a perfect match. 

Brett enjoys spending his spare time experiencing life on the water with his wife and three children. When not on the water Brett enjoys actively participating in his children’s recreational and academic activities. He enjoys the South Florida lifestyle, warm weather, and endless waterways.