Karl Reed

Karl Reed
Yacht Broker


Cell: 1-703-350-8160

Captain Karl Reed is one of The Multihull Company’s youngest brokers but is perhaps one of the most ambitious and hardworking. Karl not only has over 70,000 nautical miles under his belt but he is also a co-founder of Rhea Yacht Management, which operates on the US East Coast and in the Caribbean.

As a kid, Karl spent his formative years going to sailing camps along the Potomac River, near Washington, DC, and eventually transitioned into teaching at them as a summer job. Karl’s love for sailing grew naturally as he grew up near Annapolis, Maryland, one of the premier sailing destinations within the continental United States while making occasional trips to the Caribbean to visit his birthplace, Haiti.

When Karl was 18 he moved to Cape Town for a year to acquire his yachting license under the legendary Offshore Sailor & Clipper Skipper, David Immelman. This training further cemented Karl into sailing and eventually catapulted him into running an Expedition Yacht in the Indian Ocean & Northern Madagascar. From there, Karl gravitated back to sailing performance catamarans around the US East Coast & Caribbean, along with trans-Atlantic trips to Northern Europe. After years in the industry, Karl has garnered a great group of friends and resources which have helped him continue to be able to sail, manage, & broker vessels around the world.

Whether you are nearby and looking to buy or sell your catamaran in Annapolis, need catamaran dockage in Annapolis, or just want someone friendly and knowledgeable to speak with, give Captain Karl Reed a call at 703-350-8160.