Gregg & Jann Knighton

Gregg & Jann Knighton
Yacht Broker

323 10th Avenue Suite 105 
Palmetto FL 34221

Phone: 1-941-212-6121

Gregg began working in a sail loft at the age of 13 and ultimately opened his own loft at the age of 19. He ran his own successful business for over 30 years. His knowledge of boats and all phases of equipment that will keep them running at their optimum best is one of the things he enjoys most. His sail designs and rigging experience are one of the things that keep him a standout in this field and kept both his client's yachts and his own consistent winners. He has collaborated with many different yacht designers and engineers over the years. In doing so he was able to become close friends with the late Olin Stephens of Sparksman & Stephens Yachts while both designing sails, and discussing keel changes to multiple yachts as well as sailing with him in the classic wood boat series in the northeast. He has also worked closely with Island Packet Yachts and enjoys an intimate knowledge of them.