Daniel Ziriakus

Daniel Ziriakus
President & COO

Lauderdale Marine Center 2015 SW 20th Street Suite 200
Fort Lauderdale FL 33315

Phone: +1 954 522 3344

Cell: +1 305 790 9292

My Present 

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Daniel Ziriakus. As Northrop & Johnson President & COO, I'm dedicated to the evolution and growth of our brand and our people. One of my most significant accomplishments has been moving the firm from the analog style of doing business traditionally found in the yachting sector to a fully digitally integrated firm. I am proud that we are market leaders, pushing the boundaries of "how things are always done" and shifting the paradigm for a better tomorrow. I also firmly believe in a people-first business model. When a company puts its people's wants, needs, interests, and desires first, success always follows. Great people move companies and industries. 


My Past

I'm originally from Munich, Germany. I've spent the last 20 years working in the luxury sector, getting my start in my hometown of Munich at Estee Lauder in the marketing department. I moved to the States when I joined Bridger-Conway, specializing in creative communication for luxury brands. In Miami, Florida, I first saw and fell in love with the yachting industry. When an opportunity to marry my newfound passion for yachting and marketing experience presented itself in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, I dived in. I have worked for some of yachting's most influential and highly regarded brokerages, running their marketing departments. I spend time living and working in Monaco before moving back to the States to rejoin Northrop & Johnson for the second time in my career. 


When I came back to N&J in 2014, it was as Chief Operating Officer, and it felt like coming home. Having spent several years before honing my skills, I was in a unique position with N&J to bring in some innovative techniques I had learned and to push the envelope. Since rejoining, Northrop & Johnson has expanded from a medium-sized US-based yacht brokerage to an international yachting powerhouse with offices in all significant yachting hubs - resulting in a 10x growth in the last few years. I was the lynchpin in the merger between Northrop & Johnson and MarineMax, which acquired the company in 2020. Being part of MarineMax has been nothing short of spectacular, especially as the first US-led yacht brokerage that is listed on the NYSE (HZO) – the insights and power that come with it for the benefit of our clients is simply unmatched.


My Future

Digitization of the yachting industry, allowing for better customer experiences and increased transaction speeds for the benefit of our owners. 


My Motto

Make your future bigger than your past.


My Outside-office Life

I spend my time with my daughters, Luna & Mia, my wife, Daniella and our greyhound, Romeo. I'm an active YPO Member and an active real estate investor.


Fast Facts 

  • Besides yachting, I love real estate; I always have, always will. 
  • My greyhound outruns me on my racing bike with ease. 
  • I love people, stories, history, and financial markets – if I can get all of these around a dinner table – even better. 
  • I have lived all over the world but have never been to Greece…big bucket list item.