Carlouis de Palma

Carlouis de Palma
Broker / Marine Consultant

881 NW 13th Avenue  
Miami FL 33125

Phone: 305-562-5642

Cell: 305-562-5642

Carlouis de Palma has had a passion for boats and business from very young age. Being raised in Florida and the Caribbean and growing up around boats his entire life helped build a strong knowledge for the maritime industry. He learned hands-on how to captain vessels, ranging up to 85’ which lead to opening a management and yacht brokerage firm.


Carlouis’ passion for innovation, engineering and technology allowed him to take on the opportunity to create and build the new company and nitrogen ice cream store F27 Inc. The ice cream shop uses Liquid Nitrogen to freeze the ice cream instantly for each customer that walks in the door. F27 stands for Fahrenheit 27 which is the freezing point of liquid ice cream. Using Liquid nitrogen to freeze ice cream creates a customized, very creamy, frozen treat. This business venture lead to building and designing stores and kiosks throughout Florida including the management of staff, daily operations, purchasing and more.


Carlouis possesses a lifetime of boating experience and knowledge, which he enjoys sharing with his clients.