Manny Luby

Manny Luby
Newport Beach Yacht Consultant

2429 West Coast Hwy Suite 101 
Newport Beach CA 92663

Phone: 1-954-763-3971

Cell: 1-951-836-8892

The first few weeks for a new boater can sometime be challenging, but with your broker just a phone call away 24/7, these questions are easily dealt with. Manny will instruct the new boater in the use of all the systems on the boat, and of course how to operate, maneuver and park your new vessel. As for the services necessary after the purchase, after many years of owning and selling motoryachts, he will be happy to connect you with the right people to perform these services. Manny also has placed many boats in local marinas and has relationships that can assist you in your search for a slip. Manny's promise: "I will work hard to find you exactly the right boat at the best possible price."