Sharon Burgess

Sharon Burgess
Chief Financial Officer

1001A Riverside Drive  
Palmetto FL 34221

Phone: 1-941-779-0605

Cell: 1-941-479-7916

I was actually born in Singapore when my father was stationed there in the services but I grew up in Shakespeare country in the Midlands of the UK. Having now spent half my life here in the USA and having four American children, it’s fair to say I now consider Florida my home.

Gordon has kept me pretty busy over the years with keeping the company’s books and records and being involved in the business on a daily basis. We have met some very good friends and business partners along the way.

Our biggest accomplishment however is our four beautiful children Chelsea 25, Samantha 23, Andrew 18 and Katie 16. With lots of family and guests always visiting us from England, our household is always loud and busy but a happy one.

I really don’t have much time for hobbies with 4 kids and a business but when time allows I love Photography, and crafts such as scrapbooking. Fortunately beaches, boating, family and good friends are just a part of my everyday work day.