The Best Summer 2024 Yachting Destinations

May 01, 2024

The Best Summer 2024 Yachting Destinations

As summer dawns in the Northern Hemisphere, mild temperatures and trade winds make for excellent sailing conditions to explore the Caribbean, Europe, and beyond. Whether you’re seeking a recluse escape or a high-profile hub to see and be seen, take your travels offshore and consider exploring these yachting destinations this summer.

Santorini, Greece
The Mediterranean is a sought-after summer yachting destination that offers the perfect blend of culture, natural landscapes, and luxury. As one of Greece's crown jewels, Santorini offers a blend of rich history and stunning natural beauty. Compared to the party scene of its sister island, Mykonos, summer in Santorini moves at a slower pace, with unforgettable sunsets, multi-colored sand beaches, and charming villages to explore. Dive into the island's ancient history, indulge in delectable Mediterranean cuisine, or simply unwind on deck as you soak in the breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea.

Amalfi Coast, Italy
Along the colorful Amalfi Coast in Italy, many charming small towns offer a variety of activities for yachters to enjoy. With its dramatic cliffs, pastel-hued villages, and lemon-scented breezes, the Amalfi Coast is a sensory delight. Summer here is a celebration of la dolce vita, where you can savor freshly caught seafood, sip limoncello in quaint cafes, and explore charming coastal towns like Positano and Ravello. Don't miss the opportunity to anchor in secluded coves and dive into the crystalline waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The French Riviera
The French Riviera is one of the best summer destinations for yachting enthusiasts and owners from all corners of the globe. From the glitz and glamour of St. Tropez to the timeless charm of Cannes, the French Riviera beckons yachting enthusiasts with its legendary allure. Summer on the Côte d'Azur means chic beach clubs, world-class dining, and glamorous summer events such as the Cannes Film Festival and the Monaco Grand Prix. Indulge in haute couture shopping along the Promenade des Anglais, explore the medieval streets of Antibes, or simply relax on deck with a glass of rosé as you cruise past million-dollar yachts and celebrity hideaways.

Croatia's Dalmatian Coast
Known as the jewel of the Adriatic, Croatia's Dalmatian Coast offers much to be seen by the water. Sail into the enchanting ports of Dubrovnik, Split, and Hvar, where ancient architecture meets modern Mediterranean flair. Summer in Croatia means vibrant festivals, lively nightlife, and mouthwatering seafood feasts served al fresco. The water maintains its warmth until October, even during the busy months of July and August, there are plenty of hidden bays and coves to anchor in.

St. Barths
Nestled in the heart of the Caribbean, St. Barths, or Saint-Barthélemy, offers affluent travelers an exclusive retreat with pristine beaches, luxury resorts, and a calendar packed with high-energy events like the St. Barths Bucket Regatta and the St. Barths Music Festival. Indulge in French Caribbean cuisine or mingle with the international jet set at chic beach clubs and exclusive soirées in Gustavia. From world-class dining to glamorous celebrations, St. Barths offers a summer yachting destination like no other, where luxury meets laid-back island vibes.

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